Facial Treats Set - Combination Skin

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This Set Includes:

Fresh - Facial Cleanser
Nourish - Moisturizer (Anti-Aging For Combination Skin)
Ocular - Eye Serum(Dark Circles+Puffiness+Fine Lines)
Rosehip Oil - 100% Pure & Cold Pressed
Refreshing & Toning - Facial Mist

For optimum hydration and glow, blend a few pumps of Rosehip and Nourish together on the palm of your hand with 2-3 pumps of the Refreshing & Toning Mist and then apply to the face for maximum hydration and benefits.

See more "PRODUCT APPLICATION TIPS" below for this skin care routine!

Fresh is a concentrated and highly nutritional facial cleanser that has been specifically formulated to clean the skin without leaving it dried or damaged.

This concentrated facial moisturizer offers ideal hydration for those with combination/normal skin type and has been formulated to effectively heal and improve the skin’s overall texture and elasticity by uniting carefully selected, concentrated organic ingredients that reduce the signs of aging resulting in a healthy, even complexion.

Ocular was created specifically for the delicate skin around the eye to help reduce dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines while also serving as a vital protective layer against pollution and the chemicals found in makeup.

Rosehip Oil:
Rosehip seed oil naturally brightens the skin and offers luxurious hydration. It is a phenomenal option for toning the skin, reducing the appearance of sun damage and fine lines, preventing scarring, and rejuvenating skin cells.

Refreshing & Toning:
This refreshing facial mist is uniquely formulated to help rejuvenate, tone and naturally balance the skin’s pH.
When paired with our facial moisturizers, this organic mist will help to provide a light nourishment that can be applied throughout the day and at night, for a balanced and healthy finish.

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Customer Reviews

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These product are absolutely wonderful. My skin has never looked this hydrated, shimmery, dewey and healthy.


Skin Essence has improved my skin so much. I just love how my face glows from using these products .

Perfect set for anti-aging!

I purchased this set about a month ago now, after searching for an organic line that also had anti aging benefits. I’m so impressed with how my skin looks and feels, and I actually notice that my fine lines appear even finer (I’m 43), I also have a glow to my skin and it looks more even and toned. Loving all of it!

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