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Fresh & Pure - Simply Plants in a Bottle!

We package our products in eco-friendly, amber glass bottles, but did you know that not only is this great for the environment, but it also plays a very important role in protecting the delicate organic ingredients used in each one of our formulations?

Here is an interesting fact…

Plants, as you know, need water, sunlight, and oxygen to grow healthy and strong, however, once the oils are extracted from the plant, water, sunlight and oxygen become some of the worst things for preserving and maintaining the stability and integrity of the oil that was extracted (best things for the plant are the worst things for the oil once extracted).

This is why all of our unique ingredients are carefully extracted and then packed in air-tight, UV protecting amber glass, without adding water. This results in a much more concentrated, organic product that protects and naturally preserves all the amazing essential nutrients captured in our products that will really help your skin truly look and feel its best!

Did you know…

  • Sunlight: Can deteriorate key vitamins, minerals and enzymes found in plant extracts.
  • Water: Is typically used as a filler and can cause rancidity in a product, which reduces its stability and shelf life.
  • Oxygen: Causes oxidation and deterioration of the key ingredients’ natural benefits.

Lastly, if you have purchased one of our products before, you may have noticed that on each one of our boxes we state “use within 6 months of opening”, but most of our products are still perfectly fresh for as long as 2 years after opening or more, especially if they are stored away from direct sunlight and excess heat, for example a bathroom cabinet is a perfect place to store our products! We add “6 months” on our boxes as a way to under promise and over deliver a very fresh product and to guarantee and ensure optimum freshness!

Simply Plants in a bottle!

Photo by: Natalie Mireault

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