Skin & Hormone Health

Did you know that what you put on your skin can have a direct effect on your health, especially your hormones and endocrine system?

While it is extremely important to nourish your body with clean whole foods, what goes onto your body matters too! 

Our skin is our largest organ, and absorbs 60-80% of what is applied to it. This can affect our overall health dramatically and have a major effect on our endocrine system. Many conventional products contain a chemical compound called “Xenoestrogens” which mimic estrogen, and are unfortunately a common ingredient in many skin care products.  Over exposure can lead to such issues as pms, pcos, and estrogen dominance.

You may recognize some of these chemicals as:

  • Parabens
  • Phalates
  • Benzophenone

Reading labels on your skin care products is just as important as reading food labels. 

When looking for skin care products, it’s recommended to read the labels and choose organic when possible. Not only will it support healthy, glowing skin, but also overall health.

At Skin Essence Organics we truly believe in healthy skin care for an overall healthy body. That is why our entire line is 100% Organic, Certified by Eco Cert, Non GMO, Certified Cruelty Free, Certified Gluten Free, Fair Trade, and Vegan Friendly. We also add zero fillers, fragrance or even water or alcohol, just real, pure, concentrated ingredients.

Feel confident with what you put on your skin knowing you are making a step towards a healthier you, and your skin and body will thank you!

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