All About Rosehip!

You may or may not have heard about the amazing benefits of Rosehip, so we thought we would share some of the reasons why you should try it for yourself!

Let’s start by discussing where Rosehip comes from…

Rosehip is also referred to as Rosehip Seed, and it comes from the rose bushes after a rose has flowered and dropped its petals. It leaves behind seeds, which look like tiny red buds and the oil is then extracted from these seeds.

Here are some amazing benefits of Rosehip Seed Oil:

  • Nourishes & hydrates all skin types
  • Natural skin brightener
  • Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles and improves the overall complexion of the skin
  • Rich in vitamins & antioxidants for a youthful, healthy glow

One of the most common uses of Rosehip Seed Oil is to help heal scarring, sun damage, stretch marks and uneven skin tones. This is due to the high fatty acid properties that help regenerate skin cells. Rosehip is rich also rich in antioxidants, such as Beta-carotene, and is one of nature’s richest plants that contains a high source of Vitamin C. This is what also gives its anti-aging benefits, as the high Vitamin C content helps stimulate collagen production.

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Our Rosehip Seed oil is 100% pure, cold pressed, unrefined and organic! Our oils are manufactured locally in small batches and packaged in eco-friendly amber glass bottles for optimal freshness.

No additives or fillers, just the goodness of Rosehip Seed!

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