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Tips & Tricks for Healthy, Happy skin! ~ By Tranda Jack

No matter what season we are in if you are anything like me you are always looking for the best and easiest products to use to make your skin feel its best. I recently had the privilege of speaking with skin expert, David Brooke Founder of Skin Essence Organics and have him share his biggest Tips & Tricks for healthy and happy skin, all year long!

The older I get the more I realize how important taking good care of my skin is! David graciously answered all my burning questions about skincare products and what to use for specific skin types. I will let him take it away!

What is your favourite skincare product?

“That’s a really tough question because I truly use and love a variety of products from our line. If I actually had to pick one though I would say it would be one of our moisturizing serums (NEROLIanti-aging for dry skin, NOURISH Anti-aging for combination skin, SOOTHE anti-aging for sensitive skin and rosacea, LIGHT for acne &/or oily prone skin). I love these products because they are Actually a 3in1 (moisturizer, natural toner, and vitamins supplement for the skin) and they really make the skin look amazing and offer a healthy glow to the overall complexion. Properly moisturizing your skin twice a day I would say is arguably the most important step in your skincare routine to ensure your skin looks and feels its best.”

Why are oil-based moisturizers, so effective and becoming more popular than cream-based moisturizers?

“This truly is a very good question and one that I’m happy you asked. The best way to answer it is to start by explaining the overall anatomy of your skin. Since your skin naturally creates oils through the sebaceous glands “oil-producing glands” oils are the way your skin naturally hydrates itself.”

“Our skin is designed not only to create oils but also to absorb them better as well. If you look at the ingredient list on a cream you will notice that the main ingredient typically is water which is used as an inexpensive filler and then it is also composed of various preservatives to help stabilize and preserve the water-based formulation.”

“Oil-based products also have the ability to penetrate deep into the skin offering much more full and balanced hydration. One of the issues with cream-based products is that they typically sit on the surface layer of the skin and from an anti-aging perspective it is important that vitamins, minerals, and enzymes enter deep into the skin which is what oils can easily do.”

“Most people will notice when they use a cream especially in the wintertime their skin will feel hydrated at first, but then when it dries out on the surface of their skin it can often get the flaky and dehydrated feeling. Using oil-based moisturizing serum‘s you are able to really customize the hydration by adding simply an extra couple of pumps in the colder and dryer months of the year.”

“With oil-based products the more you apply, the richer they are, so you can really customize them depending on what time of year or what climate you might be in. Some clients have asked this question which I think is great “If using oil is so great on your skin then why don’t all companies do it?“ The best way to answer this simply is when you formulate a water-based cream product you make more profit. Many companies fill their products with water and various fillers instead of certified organic moisturizing serum. Skin Essence uses 100% pure, certified organic plant extracts that are concentrated and contain no fillers and offer much more healing benefits.”

“Another reason why most companies do not formulate the way we do with oils is that we are 100% at the mercy of the organic harvest. Simply put, if we cannot mass produce our products since we are formulated using only the great organic ingredients supplied by nature each harvest season. This unique supply challenge is something that I actually personally see as a great competitive advantage. Although we can never be in every store or major retailer across the world we love the fact that our products are filled with nature’s goodness and that they don’t just provide great results, but they offer our customers safer and healthier skincare options.”

What is the most underused skincare product?

Great question. Definitely, the most underused skincare product in most people’s routines would be a really good exfoliant!!. Exfoliation is extremely important for the skin and should be done at least twice a week. Since the skin on your face is the most exposed skin on the body exposed to sweat, dirt, oil, makeup, and pollution, etc.   Using an effective exfoliant a couple of times a week really does help to freshen the skin up and ensure a smooth, and more balanced complexion. Plus since exfoliating removes congestion on the skin it can also help to prevent breakouts from occurring. It would be one of my top tips and tricks for healthy and happy skin!

Why is certified organic skincare important?

Wow, I could talk about the importance of certified organic skincare truly for hours. I think the best way to explain why certified organic skincare is so important is to explain it from a healthy diet perspective. If someone wants to be healthy, they will go to the grocery store and fill their grocery basket full of “healthy food”. They will select fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains and if they’re not vegan then lean meats as well. They would choose not to select prepackaged food that is containing the low nutritional value and numerous preservatives. They would also likely choose fresh fruits and vegetables instead of canned.

The same should go for how you select your skincare. If you want your skin to be healthy and happy you need to use products that contain healthy ingredients it’s really that simple. Selecting products that contain solely “real ingredients” that naturally contain vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. It’s so important because they will offer your skin the tools it needs to heal itself better, and simply look its best. Products that are free from synthetic preservatives, chemicals, and fillers such as water and waxes Will ensure your skin gets concentrated nutrients that will really help it to thrive and achieve a healthy glowing complexion.

“Your skin is your best accessory, take good care of it”

For example: If you want to be full you can eat a bag of chips but if you want to be full and healthy you would choose to eat a salad. Both will make you full, but only one will make you full and healthy. This analogy actually works for your skincare as well. There are a lot of skincare products on the market that will “hydrate” your skin. What you really want to focus on is not just hydrating the skin, but nourishing the skin and offering it the ingredients that are going to help it to truly thrive and looks it’s best.

I’ve had so many clients over the years mention how much money they’ve spent on products that simply don’t make their skin look and feel the way they expected based on the claims made in the marketing and the packaging of the products they had purchased from other companies.

It’s really important to remember that if you want to get real and great results it’s important to use real and great ingredients and take the time to read the labels of your skincare products just like you do when you’re selecting healthy food. By taking the time to do this you will ensure your skin is going to get more effective skincare that is also much safer for you and your body.

What is the difference between clean and certified organic skincare?

This is another great question. “Clean skincare” can truly be whatever the manufacturing company decides “clean“ means. The skincare industry has a self-regulated industry, which means we are not regulated by any third-party including the government.

It is important as a consumer to look for certified organic skincare because this will ensure that you’re truly getting what you’re paying for and that you are actually getting “pure” and “clean” skincare products that are free from chemicals, synthetic preservatives, herbicides, and even pesticides that are sprayed on most naturally-based ingredients.

Adhering to the highest standard of quality and purity is of the utmost importance to us in every aspect of our company. Becoming certified organic goes far beyond chemical-free farming. Organic certification organizations independently verify every step of the process from farming, handling, manufacturing processes, record keeping, cleaning products, label accuracy, and product packaging.

At Skin Essence Organics we are so proud to meet and exceed the strict requirements for USDA and ECOCERT certification every year. This helps people make the healthiest and most beneficial choice for their cosmetics in a virtually unregulated industry.

What is one product people neglect to use the most?

I would definitely say a good exfoliant or natural sun protection. To really help your skin to age gracefully and look at best it is important to prevent damage on the skin, to begin with. Using products that will naturally help to protect your skin from UV light is very important. We have an amazing product called the E-cream that is designed to help with so many skin elements such as eczema, rosacea, dry skin, and as a wonderful bonus, it also offers natural sun protection abilities as well.

This amazing product is packed full of the mineral zinc oxide which helps to effectively reflect UV light. As an amazing bonus, this product is naturally green in color, so when you place it on your skin it will help to balance red tones instantly and does not make your face look white like most other natural stone protections do. Our customers actually find that after applying the E-cream your skin looks much more balanced and hydrated.

There are green tones naturally blend into the skin and actually replace the need for a BB cream or light foundation. From an anti-aging perspective, it is important to use great ingredients as well as great products that help to prevent damage from occurring, to begin with, which is why our E cream is absolutely wonderful.

How can someone get the most out of their skincare routine?

The best way to ensure great results and that you truly get the most out of your skincare routine is to select the best products for their specific skin type and make the effort to use them daily both morning and night. At Skin Essence Organics, we make selecting the best products for you and your skin easy. We are not a company that sells dozens and dozens of different product options, instead, our product selections are very focussed on the various skin types (dry, combination, sensitive, rosacea/eczema, and acne or oily prone skin) and ensuring that they are effective by formulating them using specific organic ingredients that target each skin type specifically.

A great routine can be as simple as cleansing and moisturizing both morning and night and then exfoliating 2 to 3 times per week. It is really important especially before bed to properly cleanse and hydrate your skin ensuring that the various dirt, oils, pollution, and make-up from the day are removed so that your skin can breathe and use all the healing benefits found in our moisturizers throughout the night.

What would you recommend for someone struggling with acne?

Acne and oily prone skin are extremely common, especially for teens, those in their early 20’s and individuals with hormonal imbalances. However, choosing to treat acne or oily prone skin with conventional products that use various chemicals and alcohols in their formulations can often cause more issues. Harsh ingredients typically used in most skincare products strip away the skin’s natural (healthy) oils, which can actually cause more acne challenges for the skin, as well as dehydration and various skin irritations and sensitivities….

Since the skin naturally produces oil, when we use products that remove our natural oils it causes the sebaceous glands (oil glands) in the skin to work over-time, which ultimately makes the skin even more oily, since there is now an imbalance of the skin’s pH.

At Skin Essence Organics, our skin care routine for Acne and/or Oily prone skin actually helps to balance and naturally maintain the pH of your skin! We don’t add any harsh chemicals or alcohols that strip and dry out your skin, as we use various organic ingredients that specifically help to control excess oil and acne from occurring in the first place.

Fresh Light - Acne Prone Skin
Fresh Light – Acne Prone Skin

Here is a great routine for Acne and Oily Prone Skin:

FRESH: This facial cleanser contains numerous plant ingredients that have natural anti-bacterial properties and will remove dirt, oil, and make-up without causing redness, drying, or irritation.

Simply apply a quarter size amount, massage onto the skin, rinse, and remove excess makeup and oil with a damp face cloth.

FACIAL IN A JAR: This exfoliant and skin-softening mineral mask has been formulated to effectively remove excess dirt, oil, and dead skin cells. This is a very important step for acne/oily prone skin, as this helps to remove dead skin cells that clog pores and form blackheads.

LIGHT: This is our #1 Acne selling moisturizing serum. This unique product contains numerous plant extracts that are not only healing to the skin but also offer excellent anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits. All of these qualities helps your skin look great and reduce the occurrence of breakouts.

Apply 1/2 a pump and massage onto damp skin. Tip: add a couple of drops of water to the oil to thin it out if you want a lighter feel.

E CREAM: This soothing skin balm is a great option for those who are prone to dry skin but also have acne, and/or irritated skin. After applying the LIGHT add a thin layer of E CREAM to dry or acne-prone areas.

Is there a suggested age to start focusing on anti-aging?

This is a question we get asked quite often. It’s honestly never too early to start focusing on anti-aging in your skincare routine. To ensure your skin ages gracefully it’s really important to use not just great products that offer protection, hydration, and nutritional benefits for your skin, but also following a healthy balanced diet is super important as well.

Using great products and following a great and healthy diet that also contains a lot of water to help keep your body not just healthy but really hydrated is a great way to ensure you look and feel your best each and every day.


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